Can teeth whitening be suitable for kids?

Jack MartinNovember 1, 2022

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps make your teeth more white than they are and improves your smiles. Some parents think if teeth whitening will be a good choice for their children or not, and some do not know there is a kids’ teeth whitening process. Due to the increasing popularity of teeth whitening, teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment for teeth.

Is it safe for kids to Whiten their teeth?

Teeth whitening for kids can be suitable, but teeth whitening agents can sometimes harm the teeth’ enamel at a particular age. Many parents assume whether it will be safe to use teeth whitening products on their kids.

It is better to wait for your child’s baby teeth to fall out and their permanent teeth to come in. Teeth whitening strips that Dentist uses for whitening teeth can make teeth sensitive, especially in kids.

Parents should wait until their child is at least 14 before using teeth whitening products to ensure that the pulp develops fully in their teeth. Teeth whitening for kids at an early age makes them more prone to cavities and soreness.

Consultation with a doctor is a must.

Take suggestions from your family dentist or a well-known pediatrician and take your child to the dentist to get their teeth whitened for the first time and dconcult with your dentist to make sure that it is best suited for your child. Whitening strips can damage your kid’s teeth and can sore the teeth.

You should consult your dentist before you initiate the procedure to get an expert thought. It is best if you also wait until the child covers all orthodontic treatments because orthodontic devices like traditional braces, which are placed to straighten the teeth, these whitening agents can stain them during treatment.

Child’d care:

If your dentist allows whitening your child’s teeth with at-home treatment with the best teeth whitening kit,  then you need to supervise your child while the dentist is applying the whitening agent on your child’s teeth. Look out for your dentist, so they do not leave the strip on your kid’s teeth for too long and have an eye that your kids do not swallow, which is quite possible.

Risks of teeth whitening:

The teeth white can cause tooth sensitivity like that in an adult, and kids’ teeth are more sensitive, and they may feel irritated. With each application of teeth whitening, the teeth become more sensitive, and the risk of damaging gums increases.


Yes, teeth whitening improves the appearance of your teeth and enhances your smile too, but keeping holding on to this procedure can be more beneficial. To avoid whitening teeth, make sure you use the brush properly and clean your teeth properly. Healthy and clean teeth can keep your mouth healthy and germs-free. Don’t let them eat food that can stain their teeth early. You can consult an emergency dentist near me for more information about teeth whitening tips. However, dentists recommend the best teeth whitening age for kids to be 14 years old before considering any Teeth Whitening Kits for your kid’s sensitive teeth.

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