Discussing Difference Between traditional Vs Invisalign Braces

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JulesMannMarch 1, 2024

Fed up with misaligned, crooked, chipped, or uneven teeth and desiring a beautiful smile for a long time. Orthodontics braces are an excellent solution for misaligning teeth, correcting bite issues and enhancing smiles through a gentle and gradual adjustment with specialized brackets and wires. Wait is over now; visit the dental clinic sg and mention your misaligned issues without hesitation. Traditional and Invisalign braces are two effective dental treatment methods that address dental misalignments, including overbite, openbite and crossbite. These braces help keep the gumline and jawbone in their desired position through metallic wires or clear trays. Let’s get insights into the key differences between Traditional vs Invisalign braces., helping you make informed decisions


These braces have metallic wires or brackets attached to the front teeth using colourful elastic bands. When talking about appearance, they are highly noticeable and feel bulky while wearing in the mouth.

Conversely, invisalign braces are invisible and transparent. This is made from clear plastic resin material that fits over the surface of teeth. These braces blend seamlessly with natural teeth so no one can discover you have braces in your mouth. Modern dentistry innovative solutions make a compelling option for straightening teeth

Comfort Level

After placing traditional braces Singapore, some individuals complain about discomfort and pain as the mouth takes some time to adjust with metal brackets and wires. However, soreness or irritation in the gums and cheeks is normal in conventional braces.

Conversely, invisalign braces singapore are customized based on individual dental requirements. Made from a plastic resin material that causes less pain and irritation and gently placed over the teeth surface


Traditional braces require proper flossing and brushing, just like regular ones. Individuals must regularly follow these effective oral maintenance tips to prevent food particles from being trapped in metallic wires. You may need special tools for thorough cleaning of your mouth and wires.

Invisalign clear aligners are easy to remove, so individuals can remove them while eating, drinking, or cleaning them. Follow the same brushing habits: clean your clear crystal trays with a gentle toothbrush and wash them with water before inserting them into your mouth

Eating Habits

Certain food items, such as walnuts, sticky candies and chewing gum, should be avoided with traditional braces as they enhance the risk of hampering wires and brackets. So, you need to watch your eating habits and contain a diet for the time being that supports your traditional braces.

Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing individuals to eat whatever they want without restrictions. Don’t forget to remove aligners before eating snacks or meals and brush your teeth before placing clear trays in your mouth

Treatment Duration

The treatment duration of traditional braces may vary depending on the severity of misalignment. It usually takes between 18 months to 3 years. Whereas, invisalign braces take around 12 to 18 months, depending on individual teeth misalignments. The duration of Invisalign treatment also depends on how many hours you wear clear braces

Dentist Visits For Adjustments

If you’re opting for traditional braces, you must visit an orthodontist in singapore frequently for braces adjustments. The dentist tightens the wires and monitors teeth movement. Contrary, invisalign treatment requires fewer appointments as there are no wires to adjust. Instead of braces adjustment, you must visit the clinic for a new series of aligners often weekly

Wrapping It Up

It’s your call to choose between traditional and Invisalign braces depending on your dental conditions, personal preference, lifestyle, eating habits, and orthodontic requirements. Both work similarly in straightening teeth and receiving a desired smile. Traditional braces are more effective than Invisalign and render optimal results in more complex dental conditions. 

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