How Do Dentists Remove Tartar?

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JulesMannApril 5, 2021

The buildup of dental plaque and tartar is a very common issue nowadays. Generally, our carelessness & negligence toward oral hygiene is an open invitation to tartar buildup. Sometimes, apart from bushing & flossing, people do face this issue as food substances get stuck between the teeth even after performing regular oral hygiene rules strictly, building tartar and causing cavities in our teeth. Therefore, dentists recommend professional cleaning for tartar removal frequently.

What is dental plaque or tartar?

Dental plaque is a sticky biofilm it forms due to a considerable amount of bacteria; when individuals ingest sugary food items, the bacteria in the mouth become active and build up tartar resulting in tooth cavities that might lead to gum disease if left untreated for a longer time. 

Suppose you don’t practice oral hygiene properly. In that case, calcium phosphate (present in saliva) reacts chemically with the plaque buildups. It makes them harden and causes them to stick to your teeth. Most people feel surprised when they find that even after regular brushing and flossing, they have a buildup of tartar in their mouth. 

After brushing your teeth, saliva contains glycoprotein, which helps protect your teeth. Still, the glycoprotien makes a bacterial-friendly environment. Moreover, the oxygen supports the formation of bacteria on this film, resulting building up of the plaque. 

Usually, the colors of dental plaque are orange, black, and yellow. If it is framed newly, the color may be yellow or orange. But it will turn black and stick to the teeth root after some time. If the tartar becomes hardened, it may cause roots and gum inflammation. The removal of hardened tartar is slightly tricky compared to normal plaque buildups. 

Is tartar removal painful?

If you have a vast amount of tartar in your mouth, you may notice that your gums are inflamed and your teeth are tender. In such cases, your dentists administer anesthesia on the gums using a topical anesthetic to perform plaque removal. Dentists use anesthesia, especially when your gums are severely inflamed and your gingival pockets are deep. So, tartar removal is not painful.  

How do dentists remove tartar from teeth?

Dentists use a hand-held dental tool known as a metal scaler to scrape away tartar. A scaler is an oral appliance with a hook to remove all the tartar beneath the gum line. If the tartar amount is vast, leading to gum disease, your dentist may suggest deep cleaning that includes root planning and scaling.

How do you remove hardened tartar?

  • Tartar is a very general issue among people of all ages, whether children or adults. There are various methods to remove hardened tartar, mentioned below;
  • The best method to eliminate hardened tartar is taking professional assistance so that they can remove it using a unique technique known as scaling. It is a non-surgical procedure used by dentists to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth to offer healthy teeth. 
  • Use dental floss regularly to remove tartar. Suppose you practice oral hygiene rules, brushing twice daily, flossing teeth daily, and rinsing the mouth using an antibacterial facewash. In that case, you can reduce the risk of building plaque on a high level. This process is also practical & straightforward to remove tartar. 
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen teeth enamel and reverse the acid damage. Fluoride can remineralize the tooth enamel to avoid plaque formation and minimize the risks of developing cavities. 
  • You can use tartar-control toothpaste containing antibiotics to assassinate plaque and avoid tartar buildup.
  • Baking soda is also an effective alternative to removing the tartar. Mix baking soda with your toothpaste to fight against tartar buildup once a week. 

Can dental cleaning remove tartar?

Visit professional dentists to get dental cleanings regularly to avoid building up tartar in massive amounts. A regular dental cleaning can not only remove plaque & tartar from your teeth but will keep your gums healthy.   


Professional dental cleaning is the ultimate solution to control tartar formation. As we know that tartar forms due to the negligence of dental care, you should take necessary precautions and precisely follow the oral hygiene rules. Practicing a great oral regimen is one of the best ways to maintain oral health perfectly. 

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