How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take?

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JulesMannJuly 15, 2022

If you have healthy oral health, a dental cleaning takes about 30 minutes to clean, and if your teeth condition is poor and there are cavities, it may take an hour or more to clean your teeth. It all depends on your oral health and how long a teeth cleaning will take.

Moreover, to avoid spending time in a dentist’s chair, you must maintain good oral health by brushing and flossing your teeth twice.

Just like to stay healthy, we need food and water. Similarly, our mouth needs cleaning to stay healthy.

It is essential to keep your oral health balanced, and dental cleaning is the best preventative to control severe oral health problems. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth.

Dentists use special unique tools to clean your teeth that are impossible with brushing and flossing. 

The cleaning time depends on the teeth’ health, but usually, it takes 30 or an hour to complete the cleaning process. Your dentist will start the process slower to keep you calm and relaxed so that you do not panic during the cleaning process.

There is no rush for the appointment. If you feel discomfort during the process, you can let your doctor know and take a break.

For most, the routine checkup and cleaning procedure is painless, and patients leave feeling pleased.

What is dental cleaning?

Everyone can clean their teeth at home with a toothbrush, dental floss, and mouth wash but still, a deep cleaning is needed for each person, and that cleaning only a dentist can provide you.

A dental cleaning is a procedure through which a dentist or a hygiene professional maintains your oral health, removes plaque and tartar from the teeth, and protects them from cavities, gum problems, and other dental issues. A dental cleaning is required to deeply clean your teeth and remove plaque and tartar that sticks on the surface of the teeth, which a toothbrush can’t remove.

What happens during a professional dental cleaning?

Your dentist, first of all, eases and comforts you to relax during the cleaning procedure so that you stay calm and comfortable. Here is the complete process of dental cleaning.

  1. Physical dental exam

The dentist will begin with a thorough physical examination of your mouth. Your dentist uses a small mirror to examine your teeth and gums, checking for gum diseases, cavities, or dental issues. If your dentist notices major dental health issues, they will discuss them before continuing the cleaning procedure. 

  1. Removing plaque and tartar

A sticky thing coated around your teeth is called plaque that contains bacteria, and when this plaque is not cleaned, it hardens and is called tartar which is a little challenging to remove. The formation of plaque and tartar are the primary issue of dental problems, and a professional dentist can only remove them; no brushing or flossing can fix that issue. 

Your dentist then uses a scaler to scrape the hardening part of tartar and plaque on teeth. 

Keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing twice daily to maintain healthy oral health. 

  1. Use of an electric brush

Your dentist will use an electric brush and a gritty toothpaste that effectively cleans the teeth and helps remove plaque and tartar accumulated on your teeth. It does not cause any discomfort or pain while using and makes a grinding sound while using it on your teeth. 

One should use this to clean your teeth once a month. 

  1. Flossing and Rinsing

Your dentist will use a flosser to check the area of the gums that may bleed when flossing. To prevent bleeding when flossing at home, you must do it regularly, at least once daily.

Flossing helps in removing the leftover traces of plaque and the gritty toothpaste from the previous step. After flossing, it’s time to rinse your mouth with a rinser to eliminate any debris left behind. The liquid contains fluoride that irrigates the mouth. 

  1. Fluoride Treatment

This is the last step of your dental cleaning. Your dentist or the dental hygienist will perform the previous fluoride treatment using a mouthpiece filled with a fluoride gel that will fit over your teeth. Your dentist will guide you to bite and keep that in your mouth for about a minute.

If your dentist detects any oral health issues, your dentist might take an X-ray of your teeth.

Once the cleaning process is over, your dentist will check your mouth for signs of gum disease and more. 

How often should you get a dental cleaning?

Generally, a person should make an appointment with a dentist every six months, and some people need to visit a dentist in three months, depending on their oral health and lifestyle.

Appointing yourself with a dentist avoids dental problems and gives you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Cleaning and polishing your teeth gives you a great smile and prevents future decay and gum disease. 

Why are dental cleanings important?

So, if you were thinking, “Are regular dental cleanings necessary?” Yes, it is necessary.

Visiting dentists is essential because they can detect the disease early. 

They clean your mouth and remove tartar and plaque build-up that sometimes affects your overall health by developing into more severe problems.


Giving time to a professional dental cleaning maintains good oral health. It provides a clean and healthy mouth and helps your dentist determine any dental problems that may require treatment.

Your teeth cleaning every six months gives your dental team a chance to examine your oral health.

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