How Much Does A Frenectomy Cost?

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JulesMannNovember 11, 2022

A frenectomy is an oral surgery that helps remove a frenulum (a small tag of skin in the mouth). It is a standard method to treat a lip or tongue tie. One prominent frenulum can be seen underneath the tongue, and the other inside the upper & lower lips. The frenulum can be found in various parts of the human body; it is a tiny fold of tissue that stops an organ from moving freely in the body. Many of you think about how much a frenectomy cost, the reason for a frenectomy, payment options, insurance plans, etc… In this article, we cover all these things.

What are the reasons for a frenectomy?

Frenectomy can occur in people of every age, whether an infant or an adult. The main reasons for frenectomy are;

To breastfeed better:

When an infant suffers from tongue movement restrictions, it creates a problem in breastfeeding. Considering the research statistics, it has been evident that about five percent of infants can have a tongue tie.

 If an infant has a tongue tie, they won’t be able to latch on the breast for feed smoothly, leading to improper nutrition or swallowing air, causing discomfort and gas in their stomach. Also, an incomplete latch can result in inflamed nipples and cracks, making the feeding process complex for the mother.

Addressing a tooth gap:

A frenulum can intrude with tooth spacing and create a gap amid the front teeth. Some people consider it a cosmetic issue. Such a condition might invite more bacteria, making it vulnerable to infection, for example, gingivitis. 

If you are planning to have braces to fix the teeth gap, the inguinal frenulum may cause serious problems.

Improving speech:

Both a lip tie and tongue tie cause speech problems during childhood. Researches show that tongue tie affects the pronunciation of consonants like “n,” “d,” “t,” and “l.”

According to recent studies, children suffering from tongue tie can improve speech with the help of lingual frenectomy by 89%. Children having speech delay issues will learn fifty percent of new words with the help of the procedure.

You can discuss all the details regarding frenectomy to confirm that the treatment will significantly help your children.

How Much Does a Frenectomy Cost?

The frenectomy cost depends on various factors like patients’ geographic location, the reputation of the professionals, and the professional, performing the treatment. However, the average price of a frenectomy is around $800. Other factors that affect the frenectomy cost may include the following;

  • Type of the frenectomy
  • The necessity of the dental restoration method
  • Whether you require sedation or not.
  • The number of appointments.
  • Whether the results are according to your wishes or not.

Moreover, most professionals provide dental benefits plans that may contribute to the cost of the procedure. But you will have to be sure whether the service provider offers coverage for the frenectomy treatment cost. The cost will vary according to your country, city, and state.

Additionally, you will need to consider the price of the initial evaluation as it is also a part of the treatment procedure. It will also help determine whether the treatment is necessary for your children. During the healing process, your doctor may recommend OTC (over-the-counter) pain medications to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of infection. Suppose you think your treatment concern relates to medical reasons. In that case, you can discuss it with the health practitioner, who can only tell you whether they will accept the dental insurance.

As we mentioned earlier, the average cost may range between $800 to $1,500, which may be affected due to various reasons during the procedure.

Payment Options:

You can manage the expense of having a frenectomy performed on you or your child through various accessible payment and treatment alternatives. If you have dental insurance, you can cover the costs. To receive an estimate on the total amount you will have to pay out of pocket, speak with your dentist and provider before scheduling the frenectomy because every clinic and insurance is unique.

HSA and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) (Health Savings Accounts)

Applying cash from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account may also help cover the cost of the frenectomy (HSA). You can cover your medical expenses via tax-advantaged accounts called FSAs and HSAs. Moreover, Individual pre-tax contributions to FSAs are limited to $2,750, and funds typically do not roll over yearly. Individual contributions to HSAs are permitted up to $3,550 for single coverage and $7,100 for family coverage. HSAs often feature rollovers allowed from year to year, unlike FSAs.

Financial Plan

If you don’t have dental insurance and neither an FSA nor an HSA, think about paying for the surgery in installments. Although not always available, many clinics provide their clients with payment arrangements. These programs differ from clinic to clinic. However, they usually require a specific down payment, followed by a predetermined length of monthly installment payments for the balance that remains (typically 12 months).

Interest rates for these payment plans may be as low as 0%, provided payments are made at all scheduled times, and the remaining balance is settled within the specified period. Some clinics also offer their patients a discount for paying for procedures in full at the time of service. Be sure to talk to your dentist or periodontist about the options available to determine what payment approach best suits your particular needs.

Suppose payments are completed on time, and the remaining balance is paid off within the allotted term. In that case, interest rates for specific payment plans might be as low as 0%. Additionally, some clinics give their clients a discount if they pay in full at the time of service for procedures.

Discuss your alternatives with your dentist or periodontist to determine which payment best satisfies your needs.

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