Should dentists pay for failed root canals?

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JulesMannSeptember 15, 2022

Failed Root Canal? Not every time your general dentist is at fault; maybe your dentist has shown enough faith and effort to treat your tooth but didn’t get success, and for that, you cannot make them responsible.

In most cases, general dental practitioners mainly cause the failure to treat and localise the root canal surgery. 

Regardless, a bad root canal is frequently not your dentist’s fault. Therefore, you must consider an endodontist for a root canal than visiting a general dentist. Endodontists specialise in root canals and serve more than general dentists, and they are more expert and experienced in their field. 

A dentist can pay compensation for loss of earnings, unnecessary discomfort, and uncorrected methods. 

  1. You can claim compensation if your dentist.
  1. Did not gain your support for treatment.
  1. If your dentist did not give you advice for an alternative, which can be easy and less costly treatments.
  1. Your dentist did not give the concentration needed during the root canal procedure, resulting in pain or infection.
  1. Made errors during the treatment resulting in discomfort, infection, and pain.
  1. Did not clean out the root canal entirely.
  1. Your dentist did not correctly shape or fill the canal, resulting in other infections.
  1. Snapped a tool inside while the treatment and did not inform you.
  1. Pierced the root of the tooth.

Is a failed root canal the dentist’s fault?

Sometimes your dentist may be responsible for a bad root canal treatment, but it eventually depends on why your root canal treatment failed. Maybe because your dentist did not deliver excellent care and efforts towards the surgery, and maybe during the treatment, you experienced unnecessary pain and suffering. A careless provider may be guilty of malpractice.

How do I know if my root canal has failed

Some patients have no symptoms of root canal failure and don’t see a root canal failure at first. While others’ symptoms may differ from before the first root canal.

The pulp infection cannot heal independently and requires treatment to cure it.

What are the symptoms of a failed root canal?

The symptoms of a root canal failure may include:

  1. Pain and discomfort around the infected tooth. 
  1. Feeling sensitivity when biting down.
  1. Occurring of pimples on the jaw.
  1. Change in the colour of the tooth.
  1. Pain from pressure in the tooth with root canal
  1. Tenderness in the gum tissue near.
  1. Pus-filled bumps near the treated tooth.
  1. Swelling in neck and face.
  1. Swelling near the impacted tooth.

Pain and discomfort on the following day of a root canal are typical but not more than a week. If you dont see any changes in the pain in a few days, you should see your dentist. 

You should become concerned about the pain if it continues long after the treatment and impacts your eating and chewing.

Your dentist may assure the root canal failure by a dental X-ray. A failed root canal will not get better without treatment. Getting a diagnosis for your condition is necessary to pursue the appropriate medication and care you require.

What happens if a root canal fails?

Many patients question: What will happen if a root canal fails? 

But a root canal failure is infrequent; around 95% of all root canals are successful and last for years or the patient’s lifetime.

But if you feel severe pain in a tooth, your root canal might be a failure and need treatment again. 

A qualified and skilled endodontist mastered in treating root canals has the best chance of successfully retreating failed root canals.

What’s the process for a failed root canal compensation claim

You can claim compensation for a root canal from your dentist if you fractured any tool inside the root canal and forgot to inform you or failed to remove the nerve altogether.

You will mandate a root canal treatment if you suffer from a bacterial infection in your tooth. Before sealing the tooth, your dentist removes this harmful bacteria from your tooth.

You can claim compensation for a failed root canal treatment if you were left with other dental problems or if your dentist fails to remove the harmful bacteria from your teeth.

And if your dentist fails to remove this bacteria, your dental problems will likely worsen.

If your dentist fails to carry out a root canal procedure successfully and is negligent in their care towards you, you can put a claim against them.


Sometimes lack of knowledge and experience on the operator’s part can worsen the case.

Ask your dentist to direct you to an experienced endodontist if your dentist has no specialisation in root canal treatments. 

And if your case moves to court, the judge will determine the compensation amount if they rule in your favour. 

Call and visit your dentist or schedule a consultation.

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