What Is Permanent Teeth Implants Procedure?

Jack MartinNovember 14, 2022

Dental implants are the best treatment for tooth replacement options for missing teeth. Implants are used in complete and partial placements for missing teeth, which has become a modality in dentistry. Dental implants have several advantages over other replacement treatment options. Placing a dental implant has different steps, and they are as follows:

Placing The Implant

Modern dental techniques make it feasible to perform the placing of the dental implant process painlessly and comfortably for tooth replacement. Some patients who fear the treatment may also ask for anesthesia from the dentist to feel comfortable throughout the placement of a dental implant.

The jawbone is first prepared, and the surgeon makes a cut to expose the bone so that drilling holes can be made. The voids must remain large enough to place the Implant accurately and insert deeply into the bone, like the root.

It may take months to complete the entire procedure, from start to end, and the healing process also takes time and waits until the new bone in the jaw develops fully.

After this, the dentist places the temporary crown on the patient to fill the gap and achieve the aesthetic goal. This crown can be taken off for an implant procedure; one has to wait until the bone is healed correctly.


During the healing process, the jawbone will grow and fuse with the dental Implant’s surface throughout this process. This procedure, also known as osseointegration, helps provide a sturdy foundation for the new artificial tooth, comparable to what the roots do for natural teeth.

Depending on the condition and quality of the bones, this procedure usually takes between three and six months to complete. However, when patients have healthy bone structures, the whole treatment process can be completed in a single day.

The dentist plans for second surgery only after the implants have blended with the bone. To determine whether the Implant is suitable for the second procedure, your dentists will take an x-ray.

The second step in the surgery is almost simple as the first one, where a new incision is made to expose the heads of the dental implants.

Abutment Placement

After the recovery is complete, you could require another surgery to insert the abutment (the component to which the crown will stick). The surgeon can complete this surgery in an outpatient setting under anesthesia.

The dentist for teeth implants near me will reopen the wound to attach the abutment to the dental implant during the procedure. For four to six weeks, your dentist will place a temporary crown while the gums around the abutment recover. Such a softer crown may stress the soft tissues that help to heal while easing the Implant.

Placement Of Permanent Crown

In the next step, the dentist will place the permanent crown that will look exactly like your natural teeth. The height will have the same elements as the exterior surface. The dentist will blend the shade-like natural teeth with the surrounding dentition.

Your dentist takes the Impressions of your mouth to make the crown look real. However, the dentist will not place the crown until the jawbone is strong enough to support the new tooth.

It takes less than 2 to 3 weeks to make a permanent crown; after that, your dentist will cement it or screw it to the Implant.

After permanent dental implant placement, your doctor will explain post-implant care instructions.


A dental implant requires a good oral health routine if you opt for dental implants. You must floss and brush your teeth regularly. If you have a missing tooth and are considering a dental implant, consult a Tooth replacement in Houston for the right solution.

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