How long does a filling take?

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JulesMannJuly 3, 2022

Cavity filling can vary with patients, depending on the place, the size, the material dentist uses, and how much the cavity has increased. So it all depends on how the hole has affected your teeth. It can take less or an hour to complete the filling.

Dentists generally use two types of cavity filling between teeth. The first one is direct filling, and the other is indirect filling. 

In Direct Filling, the procedure is completed inside the mouth in a single dental appointment. In contrast, indirect filling, also called inlays and onlays, indirect fillings cannot be filled entirely inside the mouth and requires more than one dental appointment. 

Dental fillings for cavities are hard-filling substances such as gold, silver, and ceramic, which Dentist uses on decayed or damaged teeth to protect them from cavities. The dental fillings’ purpose is to fill the holes in the tooth caused by cavities, and sometimes damages the tooth or worsens the situation if not treated properly on time.

Smaller cavities can be treated with a direct filling and can generally be filled within 20-minute, but more extensive cavity filling can take longer to complete. 

How long does it take to get a filling?

Generally, a filling takes less than an hour to fill, and a simple filling takes 20 minutes to accomplish. Still, nowadays, technologies have made it possible to appoint inlays and onlays in one appointment, though a large filling or multiple fillings can take a long time.

Additionally, depending on the materials your Dentist uses for the filling, it could take a long time or a second visit to your Dentist’s office. 

For instance:

  1. Tooth-colored or composite resin material 

It is layered into your tooth and takes a little more time, but usually, it is completed in one visit. Some dentists make an impression of composite fillings, but this requires a second visit to bond the filling. 

Composite resin material fillings are versatile. Dentists also use them to repair chipped or worn-out teeth.

  1. Gold or porcelain fillings

It is also called inlays or onlays and is done only in one sitting. Depending on the Dentist, it can take two or multiple visits.

In the first visit, the Dentist will make an impression on your teeth after removing the cavity and sends the impression to the lab to create the filling.

Once the impression is ready at your next visit, your Dentist will bond the filling to your tooth.

How long does a cavity filling last?

A cavity filling can last depending on the material, as many different types of material are used, and the material sets how long it will last. Somewhat its longevity depends on your dental hygiene. 

Remember that everyone’s teeth and lifestyle are different. These timeframes can vary from person to person. In general: amalgam fillings last 5 to 25 years, composite fillings last 5 to 15 years, and gold fillings last 15 to 20 years.

How much does a cavity filling cost?

Dental fillings are very common in treating cavities. They are also helpful in fixing broken, cracked, chipped, or worn-out teeth.

You should never compromise your dental health and compare your health with the cost of dental fillings. The price depends on the number of cavities you need to fill and the higher the cost if you have more holes. 

The cost also depends on the material used for your dental fillings. Considering metal or silver amalgam is less expensive than tooth-colored or composite resin.

How much is a cavity filling without insurance?

You may be worried about the cost of dental filling if you are not having insurance. But compared to other dental procedures, it costs less, and the price can increase with the material you choose to fill the cavity.

Other factors that can affect dental filling costs include:

  1. How many teeth do require dental fillings?
  2. Which teeth need fillings?
  3. The size of the cavity.
  4. Location of the clinic
  5. Charges of your Dentist
  6. The condition of your oral health

If your tooth or gums are infected, you may require multiple dental visits and treatments, which can cost additional.

The material used is the most significant factor in determining the cost of dental fillings without insurance coverage. Visit your Dentist, who will provide you with the best dental care plan for the best price.


It is suggested to keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing daily. Maintaining healthy dental health can prevent you from such expensive costs. Call and consult your Dentist for the best suggestions.

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